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Flexible and Fun

Our Program is designed to offer you variety and convenience. Your dog will continue learning throughout his life. 

This program enables you to teach him manners and behaviors that matter to you. 

If you're struggling with....

  • A dog that never listens. 

  • A dog that isn't potty trained. 

  • A new puppy that is driving you nuts

  • A stubborn dog

  • A puppy or dog that is destructive

  • A dog that is hyper in public

  • Have a new puppy that you want to create into the best dog he can possibly be. 


This program is for you!  

Click on each class title to see a brief description and curriculum:

Level classes: 


These classes are for dogs of every age. All teams that enter our program will start at Level 1, and will move through the levels at their own pace. If you feel that your dog should start at a higher level, we would be happy to evaluate them.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


Structured Play Groups:


Groups are divided into age and play style. Well behaved adult dogs may attend if their play style and tolerance is appropriate.

Dogs that enter into the program as Juveniles or older, must be evaluated to determine if socials are appropriate. 

Special Focus:


Sometime you'll need some extra help with certain topics. Enrollment to these classes are included with your membership. They can be taken at any time for any dog. These classes allow for special concentration or specific topics. 

Upcoming Classes:

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