Repetition Shapes Behavior. Communication Builds Relationships.

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Throughout her life, Shanni has had a love for animals.  She grew up in a unique farm environment where she had access to livestock, pets and fowl and has learned to care for many species.


She has always been fascinated by dogs and has studied the relationship between dogs and humans for years. Through practice and study she has learned how dogs communicate and interact with the world around them. She understands that in order to achieve the best relationship with a dog, one must first provide the dogs with their essential biological and social needs.

Shanni believes that there is nothing better than living with dogs in harmony, but creating that relationship takes work and time. She understands that dogs don't intuitively speak human, but with practice humans can learn to communicate with dogs which leads to mutual understanding and respect.


Her goal is to teach responsible owners how to understand and meet the needs of their dog and set them up for success. Through repetition and practice, she shapes behavior and through communication, she builds solid relationships.


She would like to see a well behaved and well socialized dog living with you in harmony for a lifetime.

Shanni Hendler, CPDT - KA


Shanni Hendler, CPDT-KA