Repetition Shapes Behavior. Communication Builds Relationships.

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Group Classes

Our unique group class program is designed so that you can work on issues that you are currently facing and see measurable results in your dogs behavior. 

  • Levels system to allow everyone to progress at their own pace and provide ultimate flexibility. 

  • Addresses all developmental and behavioral challenges your dog will go through 

  • Puppy training, adolescent behavior and life stage changes such as a new dog or family additions.

  • combination of private and group classes available for high anxiety or reactive dogs. 

  • Receive monthly progress reports to keep track of your progress and goals. 


Maximum Flexibility: 

  • Members can come to any class that fits their skill level. 

  • Monthly plans allow for flexible attendance depending on your schedule and goals. 

  • Plans can be split between multiple dogs in the same household. 

  • Holds available to accommodate travel or vacations. 

  • Flexibility makes it easy to improve your dog's behavior at your own pace.  


Young Puppies:

Our facility is safe and cleaned daily to accommodate the needs of young puppies that are not fully vaccinated. We require all adult dogs that enter our facility to have full vaccinations. As such young puppies that are not fully vaccinated can be safely socialized.

Private Lessons 

Lessons are one hour in length. Private lessons in our facility as well as at your home or in public places are available and can be schedule via e-mail or phone.  Your predetermined goals will be the concentration of each private lesson.  A behavior assessment is required for most dogs seeking private lessons. In this assessment we will discuss your goals and challenges, identify the origin of your dog's behavior challenges and tailor a training plan to address your needs. You will receive a  written a behavior assessment and training plan that will be e-mailed to you within a week of your assessment.  Behavior assessments can be done at our center or at your home. Contact us to discuss the best option for you. 

Harmony School

Harmony School is an intensive training program ideal for puppies under 4 month of age.  Our goal is to create the best possible family dog. We take full advantage of the critical socialization period (first 4 months of life). This is a unique time in a dogs life where they can adjust quickly to new things and can use that information later on in life. Most behavioral problems that arise in adult dogs are due to lack of socialization. At Harmony School we positively associate puppies to dogs, people, objects, sounds, textures and handling. Giving puppies the best possible start in life. Families with dogs in our day school need to continue working with their dogs at home.  We offer a special rate for group classes while dogs attend our school.  

Dogs over the age of 4 months must be evaluated and approved to attend Harmony School.  School Hours are Tuesday - Friday,  9 am - 2 pm.  Our daily schedule will depend on the needs of the dogs in our care, but will always include the following: 

  • Interactive Play

  • Chewing

  • Enrichment

  • Training 

  • Solo play time

  • Crate time

  • Potty training

  • Socialization

Because this is a school and consistency is most important for any training. We require that dogs spend 3 consecutive weeks (12 days) with us when first starting out. After that, and as long as they continue coming to group classes at the center, dogs may be scheduled at will. 

Pick up and drop off is available for clients that live within 10 miles of the training center at an additional fee. 

House Sitting

We stay the night at your home. While you are gone, your dog will spend some of their day alone at your home and part of the day at our facility helping us with classes, enjoying enrichment games and learning new tricks. They will have a structured day along with some play.