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A Gold Standard program for early puppy training and socialization.

For puppies 8 to 16 weeks.

Grow communication and create a foundation for lifelong learning. 

Advanced skills, focus around distractions, and improve obedience and impulse control. 

 Level up your training techniques as your dog prepares for real-world challenges.

Now Open

For In-Person Lessons!


Private Lessons

In-Person, in your home or at our training center. Private lessons with our Professional Trainers help you work through behavior concerns or just help you learn to train and communicate with your dog more effectively in one-0n-one lessons.

Private Lessons

One on one training with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, all from the comfort of home. Perfect for dogs working on home behaviors or owners who prefer to learn to train their dog from home.

Free Consultation

All Private Lessons must be booked by a team member. To schedule a call to discuss your needs, please contact us directly at:

or [Click Here] to contact us!

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