Covid Friendly Programs Updated June 2020

Dog Only Classes - Drop Off Programs at Our Center

  • Zero contact program emphasizing safety and cleanliness. 

  • Drop off and pick up your dog - intensive programs to accelerate learning

​Dog Only Group Lessons:

  • ​Dogs are divided into appropriate groups according to age, temperament, play style and training knowlege
  • Excellent mental and physical workout-- a tired dog is a happy dog!
  • Fantastic form of impulse control training 
  • Dogs develop good manners and training habits 

Dog Only Private Lessons:​

  • ​Individualized training plans for your dog or puppy's needs.
  • Great for dogs that are not quite ready for group lessons
  • Ideal for dogs that need to build confidence or desensitize to specific triggers
  • Perfect for dogs that are reactive or overstimulated by other dogs

Harmony School

Harmony School is an intensive training program ideal for puppies under 4 month of age.  Our goal is to create the best possible family dog. We take full advantage of the critical socialization period (first 4 months of life). This is a unique time in a dog's life where they can adjust quickly to new things and can use that information later on in life. Most behavioral problems that arise in adult dogs are due to lack of socialization. At Harmony School we positively associate puppies to dogs, people, objects, sounds, textures and handling. Giving puppies the best possible start in life. Families with dogs in our day school need to continue working with their dogs at home.  We offer a special rate for virtual group classes while dogs attend our school.  

Dogs over the age of 4 months must be evaluated and approved to attend Harmony School.  School Hours are Tuesday - Friday,  9 am - 2 pm.  Our daily schedule will depend on the needs of the dogs in our care, but will always include the following: 

  • Interactive Play

  • Chewing

  • Enrichment

  • Training 

  • Solo play time

  • Crate time

  • Potty training

  • Socialization

Because this is a school and consistency is most important for any training. We require that dogs spend 3 consecutive weeks (12 days) with us when first starting out. After that, and as long as they continue coming to dog only group classes at the center, dogs may be scheduled at will. 

Outdoor Private Lessons With Owner Participation

Lessons will be conducted in outdoor spaces, around your neighborhood or in public parks. Masks are required as is social distancing. We will be concentrating on your dog's needs and will develop a training plan specific to your goals. 

Virtual Classes From the Comfort and Safety of Your Home

  • Level Specific Classes to suit your individual needs and provide training from basic to advanced behaviors.

  • Puppy Classes to help new puppy owners navigate raising a puppy in a Covid world, including a full array of socialization tools that help you prepare your puppy for city life, while allowing you to maintain social distancing. 

  • Virtual Private Lessons to address your needs as an owner and trainer, and the individual needs of your puppy or dog.

  • Virtual Group Lessons allow you to work with others with similar needs while learning from your trainer and your classmates. 


Repetition Shapes Behavior. Communication Builds Relationships.

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