Updated June 221

Now Open for In-Person Lessons!!

Harmony School

Harmony School is an intensive training program ideal for puppies under 4 month of age.  Our goal is to create the best possible family dog. We take full advantage of the critical socialization period (first 4 months of life). This is a unique time in a dog's life where they can adjust quickly to new things and can use that information later on in life. Most behavioral problems that arise in adult dogs are due to lack of socialization. At Harmony School we positively associate puppies to dogs, people, objects, sounds, textures and handling. Giving puppies the best possible start in life. Families with dogs in our day school need to continue working with their dogs at home. Harmony School students receive one month (4 sessions) of in-person small group classes as part of their tuition.

Dogs over the age of 4 months must be evaluated and approved to attend Harmony School.  School Hours are Monday - Friday,  9 am - 2 pm.  Our daily schedule will depend on the needs of the dogs in our care, but will always include the following:

  • Interactive Play

  • Chewing

  • Enrichment

  • Training

  • Solo play time

  • Crate time

  • Potty training

  • Socialization

Because this is a school and consistency is most important for any training. We require that dogs spend 3 consecutive weeks (15 days) with us when first starting out. After that, and as long as they continue coming to dog only group classes at the center, dogs may be scheduled at will.

Harmony Academy

A new program in the New Year! Building upon the relationship training and foundations provided in our Harmony School Program, Harmony Academy is the next step in family dog training. Harmony Academy focuses on the continuing education needs of your dog or puppy in a private or small group class setting. Harmony Academy emphasizes real-life skill building, such as impulse control, leash walking, and foundations of obedience and appropriate behavior to help make the experience of living with a pet in the city enjoyable for everyone!


In the small group setting, dogs have the opportunity to concentrate on impulse control and parallel work with other dogs-- providing the ultimate experience of working through distraction and continuing your dog's education of body language and safe and appropriate interactions with other dogs. In private lessons, dogs with specific needs will work one-on-one with or Professional Trainer. Private lessons might focus on grooming desensitization, impulse control, behavior shaping, and work on desensitization to triggers, depending on the needs of the dog. 

Harmony Academy is in session Monday through Friday, with evening classes from 5:30PM to 7:20PM.

Classes are available for puppies, dogs, and handlers of any experience level!

Level 1 Group Class:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of training is important for you and your dog's future success! In this class dogs and owners learn how to communicate and build a foundation for future learning. This class is open for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks.

Level 2 Group Class:

  • In Level 2 we'll put your understanding of the basics to work with more advanced training and increasing distractions. In this class dogs and owners will build prolonged attention and training skills in more distracting environments to simulate real life scenarios. This class is open for all dogs over the age of 8 weeks who have passed the Level 1 evaluation or have instructor approval to join.

Puppy Enrichment and Socialization Group Class:

  • Here dogs learn how to think and problem solve while we socialize pups to sounds, objects, people and other dogs. The Dogs In Harmony "Safe, Sane, and Structured" socialization protocols introduce puppies to new stimuli in a safe and positive way for improved confidence and emotional stability. Problem solving and enrichment activities are a great addition to socialization-- these puppies will leave mentally stimulated and physically tired!

Virtual Classes From the Comfort and Safety of Your Home

  • Work with a professional trainer on your specific needs.

  • Level Specific Classes to suit your individual needs and provide training from basic to advanced behaviors.

  • Puppy Classes to help new puppy owners navigate raising a puppy in a Covid world, including a full array of socialization tools that help you prepare your puppy for city life, while allowing you to maintain social distancing.

  • Virtual Private Lessons to address your needs as an owner and trainer, and the individual needs of your puppy or dog.