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Harmony Academy

Evening Small Group Classes

A flexible, program with progressive levels for puppies and dogs 4 months and older.

Have a puppy just around 4 months old but would prefer the day school program of Harmony School? Contact us for an evaluation.

Harmony Academy has multiple levels to accommodate dogs and owners of any experience level. Advance through the levels at your own speed as you and your dog learn everything from foundation behaviors to training skills that address real-life problems and situations. 


How It Works

The Harmony Academy program was designed with flexibility in mind. We know you're busy, and that you might not always be available the same day and time each week to come to classes. With Harmony Academy, you decide how many times a month you'd like to learn with us and then sign up for your preferred class level  on the days and times that work for you. With flexible scheduling, you can be sure to never miss a class. 

Harmony Academy is enrolled as a recurring, monthly plan with your desired number of classes renewing each month. You can cancel, pause, or increase/decrease your desired number of lessons in your plan directly through your dashboard.

We suggest all new students begin with Level 1. The quantity of lessons you decide on should reflect the training needs of your dog and your experience as a trainer. 

Harmony Academy

Level 1

Without a strong foundation, you and your dog might struggle to master more advanced training concepts. This level is designed to improve confidence and communication while you learn the fundamentals of training concepts and mechanics. We recommend all new students begin with a Level 1 class as a refresher. You can easily move up to the next level once you're ready!

Harmony Academy

Level 2

Using the foundational skills learned in Level 1, we begin to work toward more advanced training goals in distracting environments that simulate real-life scenarios. We work to fine tune your mechanics as a trainer while preparing your dog for everything from appropriately greeting strangers to improved recall around distractions. This class strengthens the foundations of obedience to ensure your dog has all of the tools they need to be an active and confident part of your life!

Harmony Academy

Level 3

In level 3 we apply the skills learned in previous levels to real world environments. With real world distractions.  We start working in public areas where focus and polite behavior are expected and reinforced.  We will practice walking on city side walks, sitting down for coffee and maintaining behaviors that will allow your dog to accompany you anywhere dogs are allowed.

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