Repetition Shapes Behavior. Communication Builds Relationships.

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Aug 16

Parallel Play



The goal of puppy socialization is to create positive associations to everything the dog will encounter throughout it’s life. Small dogs rarely get a chance to safely interact with large breeds and can become scared of large dogs which results in unwanted behaviors. Learning to play side by side with a large dog is a great way to allow positive interaction without scaring the puppy.


Parallel play is also a great way to have fun around dogs while keeping the puppy concentrated on human interaction rather than building a dog magnetized dog. When dogs figure out that other dogs are much more fun than humans, you can have a hard time calling them away form play or calming them down after play.

New Posts
  • “The rationale for enrolling puppies in such classes is based on research which shows that dogs who don't have adequate contact with other dogs and people during the early months of their first year of age are apt to become more fearful, aggressive, and uncontrollable.”
  • The majority of dogs in the US are not receiving proper and early socialization. Dogs end up developing behavior problems that are completely preventable, resulting in owner surrender to shelters. Our program addresses every aspect of proper socialization. Contact us to find out how to safely and properly socialize dogs under the age of 14 weeks. YES, before they are fully vaccinated. There is a safe way to do it that will result in the best family dog.
  • When socializing puppies, quality is more important than quantity. This article is a fantastic reference and had to be shared.