Repetition Shapes Behavior. Communication Builds Relationships.

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Juvenile Period

catagoried at about 4 - 8 months. A lot of owners lower their gaurd here then have a really hard time during adolescence

Aug 16

Hi! Here are some good tips from Professional veterinarian: The puppy should be enclosed in a small area (meter by meter will be sufficient). The compound should be placed in the center of the house
Aug 16

Your puppy is fully potty trained and come to you most of the time when he's called. She is sweet and pays attention when you need her to. So you should give them more freedom, right? NO! Your dog i
Aug 16

As a trainer, I talk a lot about the critical socialization period in puppies under the age of 4 month. So if you get your puppy over the age of 4 month, or if your puppy did not meet all their socia