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Holiday Specials For New & Returning Clients

It's the season of giving, and what could be better than sharing the gift of learning? Toys will lose their stuffing, and treats will be gone before the New Year, but the gift of learning is something that a dog will carry with them for their entire life!

Whether you have a new puppy, a friend or loved one who is planning for a new addition to their furry family, or just want to treat yourself and your dog, embarking on the journey of training helps to strengthen bonds, improve communication, build confidence, and adds joy to every day spent with your dog.


Gift Certificates are available as hard copies for sharing, and other services can be added directly to your account. 

Holiday Specials

Gift Certificates

Buy for yourself or for a loved one! All of our Holiday Specials are applied to accounts as gift certificates, and can be used on your own account or gifted.

Hard copies of Gift Certificates are available as well. Please contact to request a physical copy for gifting!

1 / Harmony Academy Group & Private Lesson Combo Pack Gift Certificate

Giving thanks with this new holiday special! For a limited time, Harmony Academy Group Classes and Private Lessons have been combined into packages for gifting or to apply to your own account. Gifted lessons expire 1 year after the gift certificate is redeemed. Black Friday and/or Giving Thanks discount codes can be applied to this purchase.

Harmony Academy Group (8) and Private (4) Combo



  • 8 Harmony Academy Group Lessons

  • 4 Harmony Academy Private Lessons (Inside of our Training Center, in-home lessons available with a surcharge)

  • Perfect for adding additional lessons to your Harmony Academy or Harmony School plan. These lessons can be used any time in the next year.


Harmony Academy Group (10) and Private (6) Combo



  • 10 Harmony Academy Group Lessons

  • 6 Harmony Academy Private Lessons (Inside of our Training Center, in-home lessons available with a surcharge)

  • A fantastic combo for introducing a new dog or handler to training, and provides dogs and their handler with a chance to work 1 on 1 with a Professional Trainer before jumping into group classes.

Harmony Academy Group (15) and Private (8) Combo



  • 15 Harmony Academy Group Lessons

  • 8 Harmony Academy Private Lessons (Inside of our Training Center, in-home lessons available with a surcharge)

  • The ultimate combo for the dedicated learner! Perfect for teams that are very new and need a lot of one on one attention, or are working through behavior issues with their dog or puppy. Give the gift of months of training!

Use your Black Friday or Giving Thanks discount code to get even more value from these discounted combos!

2 / Harmony School & Private Lesson Combo Pack Gift Certificate

A perfect start with a new puppy... is there any better gift? These Gift Certificates combine our acclaimed Harmony School Program with one on one Private Lessons with our Professional Trainers. From potty training and socialization to leash walking and handler skills, this ultimate puppy training package combines our two most popular program into one reduced price, giftable offering! 

This promotion will not repeat again, and gift certificates never expire, so if you or someone you love is planning for a puppy in the new year, take advantage of this deal while it lasts!

Harmony School Program & Private Lesson Combo


  • 3 weeks, 15 days, of Harmony School -- a Top Rated Puppy Day School Program that is veterinarian supported and recommended for puppies as young as 8 weeks.

  • Private Lessons with one of our Professional Trainers to help you learn to communicate with your puppy, establish a positive training relationship, and help you navigate this critical developmental period in your puppy's life!

  • Harmony School Combos are already discounted to the lowest prices ever offered, and discount codes will not apply.

3 / Harmony Academy Gift Certificates

These gift certificates allow you to gift groups of sessions for our Harmony Academy small group classes, or supplement  your existing Harmony Academy plan with lessons that can be used for the entire year. A great option for months when you have a schedule that makes regular lessons difficult!

Gift Certificates available for 4, 8, 10, 15, or 24 lessons. Lessons expire after 1 year.


Harmony Academy packs are already discounted, and discount codes will not apply. 

4 / Harmony Academy Unlimited


Our Unlimited program, the ultimate in flexible dog training! This Harmony Academy program might be unlimited, but it will only be available in limited quantities and for a very limited time! With Harmony Academy Unlimited, you are able to enroll in ANY Harmony Academy Class on our schedule. Think of it like a gym membership for your dog! For a full year, you'll be able to enroll as many times per week or month as you'd like. This Unlimited option covers all levels of Harmony Academy, allowing you to work from foundations all the way up to our advanced, Real World outdoor classes!

Harmony Academy Unlimited is a discounted offering that cannot be combined with other discounts.

- Holiday Specials -

Shop these special discounts while they last!


Still deciding? Read more about our programs below.


A Gold Standard program for early puppy training and socialization.

For puppies 8 to 16 weeks.

Grow communication and create a foundation for lifelong learning. 

Advanced skills, focus around distractions, and improve obedience and impulse control. 

 Level up your training techniques as your dog prepares for real-world challenges.

Now Open

For In-Person Lessons!


Private Lessons

In-Person, in your home or at our training center. Private lessons with our Professional Trainers help you work through behavior concerns or just help you learn to train and communicate with your dog more effectively in one-0n-one lessons.

Private Lessons

One on one training with a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, all from the comfort of home. Perfect for dogs working on home behaviors or owners who prefer to learn to train their dog from home.

Free Consultation

All Private Lessons must be booked by a team member. To schedule a call to discuss your needs, please contact us directly at:

or [Click Here] to contact us!

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